Karina Kowalczyk

Inclusivity Officer

Launch of The Natasha Regan Trophy for the women’s division

The London Chess League introduced the “Natasha Regan Trophy” for its newly formed Women’s division, thanks to the generous sponsorship from WIM Natasha Regan. For the launch of the trophy, she attended an exciting match between the two leading teams of this season: Battersea Women’s and London University Women’s. It was a thrilling event, with

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A female chess player prepares for her game

Documentary short: women in London chess

London’s thriving women’s chess community has been showcased in a short documentary by film student Natalia Sergheev, who visited Battersea Chess Club at their home venue on a Tuesday night. Battersea’s female members are shown participating in league matches and talking about their experiences in navigating the world of chess. The first female Chair of

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LCL women's division logo. Championing women in chess.

Introducing the Women’s Division

The London Chess League is proud to announce an exciting addition to its upcoming season starting in October – the all-new Women’s Division. This significant development reflects the league’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the chess community. Our first ever women’s division will bring together female chess players from across London to compete

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