Documentary short: women in London chess

A female chess player prepares for her game

London’s thriving women’s chess community has been showcased in a short documentary by film student Natalia Sergheev, who visited Battersea Chess Club at their home venue on a Tuesday night. Battersea’s female members are shown participating in league matches and talking about their experiences in navigating the world of chess.

The first female Chair of Battersea Chess Club, Djuna Tree, delves into the challenges women in chess are facing and her proactive efforts to promote and sustain female participation in chess tournaments and events. She discusses the barriers women encounter, from societal stereotypes to a lack of representation in the chess community, shedding light on the often-overlooked issues that deter women from pursuing their passion for chess. The video also highlights her scholarship fund dedicated to women and girls.

Natalia also follows Karina Kowalczyk’s journey, returning to competitive chess after a long absence. Karina talks about the importance of finding community as a female player – something that the new London Chess League women’s division, co-founded by Djuna and Karina, hopes to address. These initiatives are paving the way for a more supportive and inclusive environment.

Join Battersea’s women as they share their passion and commitment to promoting gender equality in chess and encouraging women to pick up the game.