Eastman Cup Final: Tuesday 19th March

Photograph of the Eastman Cup trophy

The Eastman Cup has had a long and prestigious history with the London Chess League. Unfortunately in recent years the knockout competition has not taken place, which despite plans to bring it back, was prolonged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We reintroduced the cup as a League competition throughout the 2022-2023 season as more players came back to playing over-the-board chess, and the cup was successfully won by West London Chess Club.

This year, we were happy to announce at the start of the season that we reintroduced the knockout competition for the Eastman Cup. All fixtures have now been played, bar one: the final!

On Tuesday, the 19th of March, Richmond and Twickenham will face Hammersmith at the London Mindsports Centre for the London Chess League’s premier competition outside of the main divisional League. Clocks start at 18.45.

The event is also open to spectators, and we are look forward to seeing some of you there for what promises to be a very strong evening of chess!