Introducing the Women’s Division

LCL women's division logo. Championing women in chess.

The London Chess League is proud to announce an exciting addition to its upcoming season starting in October – the all-new Women’s Division. This significant development reflects the league’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the chess community.

Our first ever women’s division will bring together female chess players from across London to compete in a friendly yet competitive environment. We believe that this initiative will not only enhance the visibility of women and girls in chess but also inspire more female players to take up the game. We hope too that our women’s chess events will promote inclusion in the league’s Open teams.

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural teams participating in the Women’s Division, most of them newly formed:

Our women’s division welcomes participants of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to experts. Chess is for everyone, and we want to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can enjoy chess together.

If you want to join, we encourage you to reach out to one of the clubs participating. They will provide guidance on how to register and join a team. On this website you can also find the fixtures and league table.

Karina Kowalczyk
Inclusivity Officer, London Chess League