LCL Women’s Blitz evening

On the 11th June the LCL is hosting it’s first Women’s Blitz tournament to celebrate the end of the first season of the Women’s Division.

There will be 11 rounds of 3+2 blitz games, all ECF and FIDE rated. The ECF has generously sponsored prize money of £100 (1st £50, 2nd £30, 3rd £20). We welcome all female players, whether they have played in the LCL before or not!

We will start the event at 6.30 pm by handing over the Natasha Regan trophy to the winning team of the women’s division. Games start at 7 pm.

Sign-up here:

List of entrants:

Entry requirements: Female (F in ECF database), ECF silver membership

Venue Address:

The London Mindsports Centre
21 Dalling Road
W6 0JD