Now on mobile — our new website

Decorative image showing mobile views of the LCL website.

Welcome to the new London Chess League website. We are thrilled to show you the league’s new digital home after months of development. All of us hope that it makes it easier for you to get involved in our events, with information easily available on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The new features for you to discover include:

Responsive design 

The website’s text, graphics, and layout will move to suit the device you’re using. Condensed league tables, searchable fixtures, and handy venue information are all compatible with any smartphone. If you can find a device that won’t load these correctly, please let us know.

Live data

Our league tables (and match results, coming soon) show live data from the ECF LMS. We are grateful for the use of the API to achieve it. For those interested, I recommend this guide to displaying results on your website from the LMS; thanks to Malcolm Peacock for providing sample code. I used the Javascript option and it is fairly simple to do.

Member clubs

Where possible we have linked out to clubs’ own websites, as well as providing information about venues and club nights. If you have any information to add please let us know.

News carousel

The first thing you see on the homepage: the horizontally scrolling news carousel. We hope you agree it’s a great feature (and yes, it supports swiping on mobile and tablet). If it doesn’t look right on your device, please get in touch.

I would personally like to express my gratitude to your London Chess League committee for entrusting me with the work. Some more features will be coming over the following weeks. I hope the new website serves London’s chess community well for many years to come.

Djuna Tree
Committee Member, London Chess League